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An Educated Customer is a Satisfied Consumer

"Our goal is to share our passion of coffee with others

to help them uncover the potential in their everyday cup of coffee."  

What impacts the quality of your coffee?

· Where did beans come from (region)?

· How were beans processed?

· Roasting:

   -When was it roasted?

   -Roast profiles(varying temps/times)

· Preparation: grind and brew method

Common Errors with Coffee Preparation

· Under & Over-extraction: Coffee may be too weak or strong based on the grind of your coffee bean or if the water is too hot/too cold.  

· Not using fresh beans. Be aware of when the beans were roasted and ground, and how you are storing your coffee. 

Coffee Preparation 


Grind beans with burr grinder

1-2 tablespoons grounds per 6 ounces of water.   


Let tap run

Filtered or bottled water

Do not used distilled or softened water

Water temp: 195 to 205 degrees


Drip system: approximately 5 minutes

French press 2-4 minutes

Espresso- 20-30 seconds 

Cold brew- about 12 hours

Thank you for all the schools and business that have visited our facility this summer to learn about the coffee roasting process. 

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