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Where to Purchase

Our preferred home brewer
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Inspired Coffee - LAKE GENEVA (serving & retailing) 
The Cove - LAKE GENEVA (serving & retailing)
DW Coffee - ROCHESTER (serving & retailing)

Lake Geneva Country Meats - LAKE GENEVA (retailing)
Seven Oaks B&B - LAKE GENEVA (serving & retailing)
Barrique - LAKE GENEVA (serving)

Angelus - WALWORTH (serving and retailing)
Pier 290 - WILLIAMS BAY (serving)
Sentry WALWORTH (retailing)

Our Fresh Roasts 

Wake the Lake Blend
Dark and Bold
Dark Roast
Rich, earthy undertones.
Cost:  $14/ bag (12 oz)

Artisan Blend
Sweet and Smooth
Medium Roast
Delicate nutty chocolaty notes.  
Cost $14/ bag (12 oz)

Guatemala Decaf
(water processed)
Dark Roast
Medium body
Notes of caramel and vanilla.
Cost:  $14/ bag (12 oz)

Geneva Lake Roasts

West End Blend
Balanced and Smooth. 
Perfect for the everyday drinker.
Rich dark cocoa aroma, fruity brightness, medium-bodied
Cost:  $15/ bag (12 oz)

Guatemala Huehuetenango Mam

Fruity aroma with bright notes of blueberry.  Medium roast, full-bodied with a rich dark chocolate finish.     

Cost:  $15/ bag (12 oz)

Wholesale pricing available 
Equipment available

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